Clawbot's claw not closing

Our newly assembled clawbot is able to open the claw, but not to close it. We’re not sure if it’s a motor or wiring problem. When trying to close the claw, nothing happens. The wire connecting it to the motor port feels too warm as well. If you give a solution, please tell us HOW to implement that solution, seeing as how we are beginners and will not be able to handle things without an explanation. We also need help in pulling up the cortex’s default code to see if the problem simply lies in a coding error.


Our recommendation is to swap the motors from the arm & claw, by doing this you will be able to isolate the problem between the claw, microcontroller or motor.

The default code can be found under the sample programs folder in ROBOTC.
All you have to do is open ROBOTC and click on: File> Open Sample Programs> VEX2> Advanced> ROBOTC VEX Cortex Default