Clawson Middle School Robotics Team Tutorials

The Clawson Middle School Robotics Team presents its first video of its new series. One of our students takes viewers through many components of VEX Structure to inspire new teams with how these components can be implemented.

This is the first video that we’ve created- but our students definitely have many ideas! Please share with us your questions, comments, and concerns! We look forward to being able to share our ideas and lessons with the VEX Community!

I would suggest some stronger lighting and perhaps a little editing to provide some closer views of what exactly Dan is holding in his hands or pointing to on the robot. Definitely a good start. :slight_smile:

Well done! 12 minutes is a little long. I would suggest doing videos about one element at a time and show the different uses for them. Do a deep dive on the size, mass and material options. A little on how to work different types of material - for example, you can easily muck up an aluminum c-channel compared to a steel one.

I think you series could be valuable.

Thanks for the kind words! Feedback from the VEX Community is very important to us, because we intend this to be used as a tool for the community.

We will definitely take into consideration all listed and any future listed ideas and certainly play with them to cater to more for what is desired our videos to describe. There are a lot of interesting and creative ideas out there that one simple part can have many, many uses- so I’d certainly like to show that with our future videos.

Excellent points from the film/audience standpoint. We’ll definitely work to improve on the overall quality!

Thanks again for the responses!