Clean Sweep game for 2009-2010 - What do you think?

What are your initial impressions of the 2009-2010 “Clean Sweep” game?


Man! Was that a real game or a fake game?'cause normally they announce the game later.

But man i’ve just loved it, really incrible, very exiciting!

I’m already imaging several ways to make a bot for the game!

whooo hoooo cant wait i too am already filling a notebook with ideas

That is the real thing

Take a look here: Clean Sweep.

Download the rules and start signing up your teams!


this game looks like it has done a much better job at elimenating violent defensive playing than last years FRC game aimed at… i like it though i will miss the need to armor my robot to the bowling ball collision tests

i am so excited first year any man what a great game. i have a few solid ideas about what to do and it should be interesting to see fewer collisions between alliances. i think communication with your own alliance will be key. obviously there will be some defensive stuff going on at the wall but in general i don’t expect to see too many cases of separate alliances tipping and such as in games like elevation. ya know?

The Wizard beat me too it but yeah i like the way you put it with the lack of need for armour and everything.

i should be registering team Zenith Robotics (tentative title) soon! Yay! :: Jumps up and down clapping like a little girl :: haha

It looks good. But can the big orange balls (some confirmation on the size of the hole in the middle of the square and how big the orange balls are) fit through the hole? Or do you have to use a lifting mechanism to put them onto the other side of the arena. And are the small green balls the size of tennis balls? Or smaller? That way you can put use the the track modifications you can buy. But other then that, looks awsome and with this even the small squarebots can have a use if they just put something to push the balls around with and also allows the more experienced teams to create more complicated robots. I’m just thinking of all the different kind of robots you can use now. Looks like it’s gona be an awsome game.

Vex unreal if you read the game manual found on the Vex robotics website you will find the answers to your questions.:wink:

QBlake has kindly provided a link to the competition page on his post in this topic.

My TV Broadcast was cut off. Did they actually show a game of Clean Sweep? If so where can I find a link for it?

they did not show a game but they did have the field and game elements (with the ifi guys tossing the balls at the scoring areas on the field)

Wow looks like an interesting game. Definitely changing the style of play significantly.

Clean Sweep looks insane! I am so insanely pumped. Me and CBlightbulb were both watching the webcast when they anounced the game and while chatting on aim. We both flipped. When they first intoduced the big balls I was thinking, “oh no another atlas ball”, then they clarified it was only another scoring cubewhew. I think the reason I like this game so much is because it immediately reminded me of the FIRST challenge this year, I like the idea of scoring on you opponent. Between the slots in the bottom of the wall and the low wall itself we should be in for some frantic matches.


It seems you are used to saying cube. [/FONT]

[FONT=Verdana]Anyway, Im not entirely sure what to do about this challenge. More than a few times we were addressed as the team who builds massive gearboxes at the recent competition in Dallas. We also like the massiveness of our bots and our ability to not be moved, all of which seem to be lost with this challenge. Seems like Syntax is going to have to completely redo our thinking on the competitions in order to stand a chance. A challenge one of us is willing to accept.[/FONT]

Far be it from me to discourage you from striking out in new directions and expanding your repertoire; but…

Won’t you need massive gearboxes and stable launching platforms to build the stable, accurate, rapid-fire trebuchet that lobs small balls into the goals to lock them up, and that lobs footballs into the back wall (the field wall) of your scoring zone so that they bounce in the correct direction (instead of bouncing out of the field)?


omgosh, now we have to build another 11+ robots!


I think the only downside of this game (but of course it’s still a great game) is that we’ll have less interaction than in elevation or Bridge Battle, because the field has a wall in the middle and any bot can pass there.

<R10> Robots must ONLY utilize the VEXnet system for all robot communication.
a. VEX 75Mhz Crystal Radios are prohibited.
b. Electronics from the VEX-RCR product line are prohibited including all VEXplorer electronics.

So VEXnet is definitely going to be used. Did the announce at Dallas when it would be on sale or for how much?

Interaction usually means playing defense which can make the game quite boring to watch.

Interaction in “Clean Sweep” will mean blocking dumps or launches which should be entertaining.

I think all teams will welcome VEXnet with open arms.

  1. Wireless programming & debugging
  2. Start & Stop all the robots at the same time
  3. Long range communication without those pesky antennas
  4. Robots will rarely lose communication

Yeah probably you’re just right! \o
Why do u think this season game was announced so early?