CLEAN SWEEP Game Video Released

Did anyone notice that the CLEAN SWEEP Video is posted on

Also here on YouTube.

Nice Job Cody!

Great animation,

Seriously good job man!


Rats, Rick beat me to it. I bet drawing those 3-D foot balls wasn’t much fun… Congratulations, Cody!

Did anyone else notice that one of the robots looked a lot like 508’s Elevation robot, and that the alliance with 508 “won” the animation? Just a coincidence, I’m sure. :slight_smile:

PLEASE: Take the time to download the high quality version, I spent months rendering this!

Lots to say. First of all I am extremely excited that this is finally out, I hope the Vex community finds the information inside the animation useful for the season ahead and I hope that the community enjoys the action of the match towards the end.

This animation was a lot of work but also a huge learning experience. I bit off way too much but I somehow stomached it and was even able to deal with a curve ball thrown at me in the end. Once again, I’m really glad that I got the opportunity to do this. Hope everyone enjoys it and I wish the best of luck to all teams this year (except for the college teams, I intend to crush you)!

I have no idea what you could possible be talking about. :smiley:

It’s not like I obsess over holonomic drives or anything. I also assure you the winning alliance had nothing to do with the fact that my favorite color is blue. The person that just happens to look like me on the blue team was an accident I swear (it actually, seriously was). Also Photoshop has been known to turn three digit numbers into “508” Adobe is working to fix that bug.

Also I claim no responsibility for any subliminal messaging that may make you want to spontaneously go to my company website. ~JK


SWEETT :smiley:
best animation i have ever seen from vex
you are truly professional!
seriously though
it was A++

Wow! That’s just amazing!

The timing is AMAZING. Only this meeting we were talking about possibly showing an animation to the new members and we said that the animation wasn’t out yet, I guess we can show them the animation next Tuesday!!!

i found it amazing, and loved the music, but i couldn’t help but notice one small error, at the end when the scoring takes place, it shows “autonomous - 10 pts” and i just checked, and i believe that autonomous bonus is only 5 points, but very great animation, by far the best vex animation i have ever seen. :slight_smile:

Amazing animation!

At 0:40, the animation says “Robots are not allowed to cross the wall.” It was my understanding that a robot could cross the wall, as long as it does not touch the tiles of the other side.

OMG it’s just fabulous! Congrats for all the production team. =DD

@Kendalls: Hello to 254 once again! That line could be thought as “robots are not allowed to entirely cross the wall.” I do not feel that it needs clarified.

@LegoMindstormsmaniac: You are correct, amazing how we missed that. Oh well, mistakes happen. I’ll fix it and have IFI swap out. Who decided to change the autonomous bonus to five points anyway? Hasn’t it always been 10…

@Silv3r: No teams, just me, 3D Studio Max and a renderfarm consisting of 14 cores.

I also think that a line telling teams to refer to the manual for more / updated information should be added.

A small fix, of the thousands of thing that have to be perfect, just a bit embarrassing. Thanks for pointing that out guys!

Tonight I’m formatting my computer. Cody has a 2nd 320GB SATA drive that is begging to become a 640GB RAID 0 array :smiley: More speed is always good in my book.

I will show this on a big projector for the Houston VEX Kickoff. Your months rendering will not be in wasted !

Good luck crushing colleges with sheer animation, I probably need to see a robot before this type of smacktalk starts ! However, the Rice team is ready to rumble or shall I say sweep up the competition !

Lyncas, it would be great to have my work played on a big screen (I suppose it is every 3D animators dream to have their work make it the/a big screen).

As for the college teams, I wish them luck as well (of course), but I do have high hopes. I led my team to place third (overall) in the high school division last year. As thrilled as we were, we lost due to a motor failure (never cool), we could have won. Needless to say, I want a red trophy this year!

I think it’ll all hinge on autonomous abilities which brings something different to the table for me. Nevertheless I’m ready. And for the record, my animated robot can kick your animated robot’s butt :stuck_out_tongue:

(all goofing around in the spirit of competition of course, take nothing seriously)


Very well done! We will be using your video at a robotics demo we will be having this weekend and next weekend at the MD State Fair.

Kendalls and LegoMindstormsmaniac Your issues have been revised in a fourth revision. Should be out soon.


do you guys have another link? youtube says it was removed by the user :frowning:
i’d hate to miss out on what is apparently great stuff !

There is a new link here

Sorry to be redundant – outstanding animation!

Awww, that reset the comments and views… Oh well, it was about 570 + the current number.

It doesn’t really matter but I was keeping count :slight_smile:

Grrrrr… I really dislike the cut in I had to make. I cringe every time I hear it. Curse you Windows 7 (reason it sounds different). Even though revision 4 is correct, I’m putting r3 in my portfolio.

I watched it again to help get your stats up :wink:
Very nicely done - extremely professional and fun to watch.
Your attention to detail really shines through in every frame!


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