Clean Sweep in Round Up "Mo Ichido"

Central Oahu VEX 2010 Competition held at Mililani High School on November 2010. Competition winning teams bound for Disney World - Highlands Intermediate School, Maui Iao Middle School and Mililani High School.

i cannot recall, but were one of those teams in the top alliance from the “technology” division at dallas?

it was the robot in the “so you think you can drive” thread!
doesnt stand out as much in normal game play
but still very awesome especially this early in the season!
hope to see u guys at Disney world :slight_smile:

Yes team 394, we played with them in a match at Dallas, the one we were against 254A and a “China-Poof” robot. 394 I believe was all middle school last year, and may still be all middle school this year, I’m not sure. Amazing team, I have to say. Very very impressive for a middle school team.


At Dallas, Team 394 was the top qualifier in the Technology Division, 1st in Driver Skills for Middle Schools and 3rd in Programming Skills overall. They also garnered the Middle School Excellence Award. In the elimination rounds they were knocked out by an alliance which included Waialua’s Hawaiian Kids - another Hawaii team! That winning team has moved on to high school and this is the first year for the current team members.