Clean Sweep Prototype

I uploaded a few pictures of my clean sweep prototype bot and was wondering what you think.
they are the newest images in the gallery i will post links a little later.

The front panel lights on the mictro controller need to be easily viewed during a match so that refs can use them to diagnose problems that might occur during a match.

If you use the bot on a VEXNet field you need to leave space for attaching the VEXNet adapter.

Those tusk-ish things on each side of the pick-up arm are likely to cause you grief when you want to maneuver into corners or other tight spots to go after a ball. Think about removing them.

If you scatter some balls around in a 6x12 area - How many seconds per ball to pick them up, take them to the wall and dump them?


Fir this will not be used in comp. it was just a fun build for me. The lights are viewable from the back of the robot. i think there would be room for vexnet but i don’t plan on adding it soon enough that it would be on this bot.

if you look at this picture the micro controller lights are viewable through the space left above the chassis and below the plate that is there. while still keeping the mic pretty well protected.

Very nice design. I must say the use of rubber bands is quite plentiful…and I like it. :stuck_out_tongue:

The only thing I might recommend if you decide to base your robot off this, might be a larger scooper. You rely on a comparatively small area for the balls to go into so you can lift them.

A good design, probably one that obtains a high rank on any generic qualifier but I know that’s not what you want. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks. yeah i liked the bands cause they have to flex when the the bucket is down cause the axles to lift the bucket get in the way a little bit. i also used them to balance out the lifter arm. I totally agree with you about the scoop being too small. Again there is NO way this will be in a comp. it was just for fun but i did build it to comp standards and tried to follow all of the rules. I am glad to hear you think that it could do well at a comp. i am about to start a class teaching about vex so i will be showing this and then breaking it down and making a new robot to do the challenge that i give them.


As an FYI to all builders - Refs don’t want to have to peep through holes in the bot or crawl on their bellies to see the lights.

From the right angles these might be easy enough to see; but it is hard to go wrong by making them visible from an even wider field of view. - Perhaps by moving the microcontroller closer to the edge of the bot and installing a picket line of protective stand-off beams on that edge.


They are very easily visible from anywhere behind the robot. i do not need to kneel or anything they are easily visible.

I don’t quite think the point of his picture was for us to analyze the visibility of the lights on the micro controller, plus on top of that, he has said that his is only a prototype and will not compete, so…yeah.

That’s an extremely interesting drive train you have there…is there any reason why you opted to go with that particular setup?

is the gearing of the dump bucket slow but strong?
i have a similar dump design but with a bigger bucket (= heavier)
do you think a direct 12t to 86t gear ratio would be enough to lift your bucket filled with balls?
(might hafta rethink my gearing)

Sounds Good

After double-checking the following quotation - I beg to differ.

Also, please notice that I both agreed with him and I offered advice to all builders.

See you at the field,

i did two motors to dump and the gearing is 12-36–12-84 it is pretty torquey but still pretty fast thats what i am happy with yes i thing that 12-84 would work but it is pushing it. i calculated my gear ratio and came up with what i have. as for drive train it is 4 motor direct drive on the small omnis i used all omnis for better turning and if it were to be in comp the only bots pushing me around would be my partner so i was not unhappy that it slides side to side so easily. i left on the small wheels with no tires as spacers in case i ever wanted to change the drive train

do you have a vid of it doing the “dumping motion”?
just wantes to see how fast it would dump
(or if you dont have one, my team can rig one up in an afternoon:))

sorry man i got bored with this thing so i took it apart already hahahaha. I’m working on something new. it is only a few seconds from the bottom to the top of the dumping motion maybe like 4-6 seconds and you don’t new to go that far really it starts to dump like 3/4 of the way up.