CLEAN SWEEP QUIZ - Test your knowledge of the rules!

This QUIZ was developed to help train Clean Sweep Refs.

Please give it a whirl and let us know what you think. It’s only 29 questions.

Let’s consider it a beta version until we’re done thrashing it out here - by then it ought to be in pretty good shape.

“PASS” is only awarded to those that get 100% right - we don’t want our refs to be right only “most” of the time, do we?

If someone can pass this quiz, they are definitely ready to ref a Clean Sweep Competition!

Hint: Read the questions carefully. You may be surprised by some of the answers …

Note: While this was developed by a group of your friendly neighborhood IFI Regional Support Managers, it does NOT replace the official game rules or even the whims of the GDC gods … please use it as a guideline.

  • Rick Folea
    Vex Robotics Regional Support Manager, Southeast.

p.s. I dare you to post your first attempt score here …

Yeah, that was hard. I never obsessed over the details of what is conted as scored or not. Maybe I should…

25:29 doing it quickly, need to figure out a faster way to count large numbers of balls.

Good Quiz.
Question 1 got me!


Great quiz



A couple of corrections to your answers

#2 answer is incorrect. You ask number of balls not points
#3 answer is incorrect. You ask number of balls not points



Chris and others, please send Rick Folea (rfolea) a private message if you think the answers are wrong. I’d like to have forumites have the chance to take the quiz without spoilers (even though Chris included a spoiler alert).

I don’t think the final version of the quiz had any “how many ball” questions, so Rick may have to go into the quiz engine again. It has been pretty cranky.

Think of yourselves as beta testers – take the quiz!

Hey Chris,

Thanks for the feedback.

Unfortunately, the questions are in RANDOM order, so telling me the Question # doesn’t help. Each time you take the quiz it will be different.

Can you send me a pm with a screen shot of each question (so we don’t spoil it for others). or just send to

Greatly appreciated - Thanks!

p.s. I found the “number of balls” ones …

Awesome quiz. I couple of things you might want to consider: removing the reflections of balls and putting a robot on the wrong side (like if it fell over the wall).

“Ball” questions are now fixed. Let me know about the other two.

Sorted please see your pm. Please edit the quote to remove the ‘spoiler’

Thanks again for a great quiz.

nice quiz
failed though :stuck_out_tongue:
and why is it in random order?
it seems to make sense to have the similar questions close to each other
(such as the 2 counting the whole field of balls one)
and the ones with the same pics

rushed a 21. i’ll get this to count for marks soon =)

Cool quiz rick! Got all of 'em but #10. ****, that was a tricky question!

I got 4 wrong but a couple of them were because I fail at counting. :cool:

3 wrong because I can’t count and one of the locked up small balls was hiding -_-