Cleaning Foam Field Tiles

Are there any tips out there on how to (or how not to) clean the tiles of the 12 x 12 competition mat? It seems like the wrong cleaning method might greatly change the mat’s friction coefficient.

We have always just done it with a wet rag. The foam doesn’t seem to be very sticky, and most dirt wipes right off. Keep in mind though, our tiles have never been treated with anti-static spray, so that may change your results.

We always use a Shop-Vac, and there have never been any issues. It gets up 99% of the dirt and, as far as I know, doesn’t affect the tiles. We don’t use anti-static spray, but plan to this year.

We use a shop vac as well, but clean it with a shammy. We tried using micro-fibre, but it stuck to the surface.

Wet Wipes … own brand … buy 2/3 packs … takes no time at all

Roomba 530…

That’s only valid if your team built it themselves.