Cleaning Mats

How should I clean the competition mats?

A damp paper towel should pick up all the schmutz and dust, but if there’s grease or other crap, you may need to use some cleaning solution like Simple Green.

Can I use a vacuum?



We used a Bissel carpet machine, one with scrub brushes for hard floors, on our tiles and it worked great. The other thing that has helped keep it clean is that we have our field on a 2’ riser all the time, and require shoes off if going in.

I use the vacuum for regular cleaning. For dirt from people walking with shoes I use warm water with just a touch of Dawn and one of those microfiber cloths (they don’t leave little strings behind). I’d be careful of using any serious scrubbing.

Serious dirt required serious scrubbing…but that was after two years of neglect! Keeping them clean in the first place is best way to go. No shoes at events could be tough…but last year at worlds, all the field-setters were in socks (for the middle school competition, at least). We just got a new set of tiles, which we’ll use only for our competitions, and keep the old ones for the practice field.

no shoes sign seems to be forgotten by me more than the kids. Doh!

+1 to this plan. We have a set of tiles strictly for competition now for one field. It works great except for getting those balls to stay in their little piles. Still having trouble with turn times on the newer tiles.

Scrub with the carpet cleaner or just buy new tiles… Hmmmmmm. Lazy part in me says new tiles! :slight_smile: