Clear parts

Where can I find clear parts? I have seen them on robots every once in a while, but what are they called on the products list? Or are they even available any more?

The transparent pieces are from HexBug kits.

OK, thanks I was thinking you could buy them on the vex website, but I couldn’t find them so that makes sense.

I believe they were planning on making some, but couldn’t get the color as clear as they wanted. They came out more like Gatorade than water.

I guess it matters on what flavour of Gatorade the parts are. :wink:

As for the HexBug kits; are they not less clear and more translucent gray in colour? Looking at the HexBug Robot Arm kit manual that I got, the parts list has a colour sku number 3611. Though this product colour identifier is not listed on the Vex IQ colour and part number info webpage.

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All the HexBug parts I have are trans-black/grey. AFAIK the clear parts were a test run but were never sold.