Click Bate

Hey Guys (and gals), fifth time poster here.

Just got a few new things I wanted to show everybody. With worlds coming up pretty soon, I’ve been working on some pretty radically new designs, and I just wanted to spread the word to all of the forums.


Brought to you by the man who also brought to you many other totally rad subsystems like the SPIDER INTAKE!!! and the Hampster Drive.

I present to you.

The one.

And only.

cellar-EE intake (ˈseləri] ˈɪnteɪk])

Equipped with a cicada clicker (Compare my video to the original here )

You may wonder where this name comes from…well, it just so happens that I am going to worlds this year (look for me there) with TEAM 536E. And in honor of that, and in honor of the similarities of my intake to the og cellar intake, I have named the intake in honor of both. The cellar-EE intake…three E’s, one for each of the number 536, and the E for Air.

The intake is a passive roller intake! I’ve developed an active release for the system, but that’s TOP SECRET.

If you have questions or comments please below in the thread. I look forward to hearing from the community!

You are officially a meme, my friend…

where’s the big impact colored font ultra clickbait thumbnail for this post lol

I made the Cellar intake specifically to not be a passive intake…

This is why I don’t use the forums anymore.

I think it triggers me more that you spelled Bait wrong…

Yeah for real… don’t google image click bate guys

mmkay i’ll go do that later xD



I actually think that’s pretty cool

Is it better than your passive intake?

it depends, mine weighed almost nothing, this has quite a bit of weight to it. Mine was really unreliable though, so it’s a tradeoff. You can only get antichamber speed with an intake like mine

Did you see the video of his robot stacking? It was super fast. If you could make it more reliable, it would be amazing.

Lol, didn’t this guy just hop onto 536E. He was 536G before right?

He said presenting … But never presented, wow, all of the good teams have their systems pretty much set so it’s pointless to wait till worlds


It would be super hard to high stack if this is passive though.

idk man, thats what I heard