Climb technique without motor

Did anyone have an idea of climbing without a motor and pneumatics?

you could do a low hang on the center bar. To assist with that you could use a small bar which at the start of the match is pushed out with rubber bands. If you have another mechanism like a catapult, arm, or bar-lift that you are using for another mechanism you can also make it hang.

Try not to ask us for ideqs. FUN RECF has lots of videos about teams’ bots and there are plenty robot reveals showcasing ideas.
However, to answer your question, some teams attach standoffs to thekr catapult/blocker mech and drive up to the horizontal bar. The standoffs, due to a certain angle and positon relative to the center of gravity, elevate the bot about an inch. This is called a passive hang mech.

Yes, do this.

But I will say that if you have space for a lift (or already have one), the Kaboomer mech could work well . See 1095R’s