Climbing Over Gates

*<SG14> Robots may not enter or exit an Isolation Zone while the Gate associated with that Isolation Zone is down.
Hey, I’m new to the Forum. Does this rule mean that you can not climb over any of the gates or the gray PVC wall dividing the two isolation zones?


as far as i can tell, yes that is what the above stated rule means

Thanks for Clarification mbrunn!

Let’s take a look at the applicable rules:

Based on the definition of “enter” from Clean Sweep, it is legal to reach across the gate as long as you don not touch the foam playing surface or scoring objects in contact with it on the alternate side of the gate. Also based on this rule, it is illegal to cross the gray PVC barrier while either gate is down. Thus the prior analysis of crossing the gates would also apply here. However, it is important to take <SG12> into consideration:

Based on this rule, your reach across the gate would be limited to 5 seconds in duration because reaching would be classified as “interaction.”

*Please note that my analysis is NOT official, and if you would like an official answer, you should ask in the gateway forum (which may or may not currently exist)

This brings up another question. If both gates are up (Let’s say theres 25 seconds left in a match) you could technically reach over the gray barrior, or even climb over it (According to the rules)?

i would conclude from this that it would probably not be wise to push this rule (your robot may malfunction and be touching for more than 5 sec. resulting in a DQ). it may be legal, but probably not advisable.

I wouldn’t even have thought about that! Great point!

i will bet collin has issues with that next year…

also just lift the gate-it will give you less problems!

I agree with most of your post, but I don’t know about this part… I’ll ask on the official Q&A forum… (it does exist)

The grey/black “gate” is not a gate. See definition of gate in manual.


Alrighty, Thanks

What? Robot malfunction? I believe this happens everyday for him! lol

please clarify

yes it does. along with other issues…

(btw: my “I agree with…” statement was about Ryantech’s post, not yours…)
What I agree with: it is legal to “reach” across gates, but not touch the tiles (this has been confirmed in Q&A).
What I disagree with: I think that reaching over gates does not constitute interaction - only touching.


So basically, if you don’t touch the gate while reaching over it, and don’t touch the floor mats, your not interacting with the gate?

That is what we aren’t sure of, a Q/A has been posted, but Karthik has not responded yet.