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I am pretty sure RECF considered all you have mentioned. The game reveal is a cornerstone of Worlds, and has been scheduled for this year. This will not change.


Probably important to note, the best possible case is that they release the game announcement early but that they don’t ship game elements until the same day either way.

The logistics of the game elements getting to Texas from China is a huge process planned a year in advance so I wouldn’t expect them to be magically shipping faster.

This is no different from any other season.

This is no different from any other season.


Of course, and this would still allow great progress for teams as well even without elements…

No changes will most likely be made too, this is just an idea/opinion…

Let me teach you a free life lesson.

Patience is a virtue.

Wait until what comes to you comes to you.

AKA, I’m 7 and it’s the 15 of December, I want my presents. No wait 10 days,

Just jump and down for the next 30 days. If you want, come and burn off the excess energy in my yard, so much to rake, so much to mulch.


yeah we already asked for it to be early. at this point it’s only another month away. too late to change, not that recf was considering changing it anyways.

sure it would have been nice to have it release as normal, but not gonna happen.


In addition, I would actually dislike an early release. I have a showcase event on the 15th of May and many teams are attending virtual worlds. I would have to choose between my change up bot and my submarine/boat if the water game were revealed early.