clothespin game

so I hear that last year there was a game involving clothespins at worlds. any chance of that coming back for this year?

Please no :frowning:

As funny as it was seeing people with clothes-pins hanging off their clothes, it got really annoying when it got to the eliminations :stuck_out_tongue:

I am in complete agreement with Jesse323z.

Yeap! Here is the Facebook page for the 2014 VEX Clothespin Game:

For those that don’t have Facebook, enjoy the following picture.

Yup I agree with Jesse on this too. Last year it was fun for a day, but then it became a nuisance. I hope that the people in the college division don’t join the game.

I agree also. Many people kept coming after our teams, and we did not even want to be a part of it. We always just waited until they left and then took them off and threw them in a pile. By the end we had a pile of 20+ pins.

Wat!? Really? Wow that’s incredible!! But yes I was annoyed and so were other people. I told them that we did not want to be part of it but they kept going after us. :frowning: