CLSN Summer update

Here’s our video for the end of the summer. We still have some improvements to make over winter break but we’re happy with our progress considering how pressed for time we’ve been. Feel free to ask any questions!

That’s a great set of robots! I like the integration of lifting and shooting in the 24" (name?). Can the 24" robot intake from both sides?

24"-Bearcat, 15"-Stuka

The back intake that is being used now was a late addition, the front intake was the original. We’re working on being able to use both by adjusting the ramp leading to the vertcal chains.

I really love Stuka! Such a quick shooter and that corner drop in is super cool! Great start to the year.

I like your robot combo, great job.

Do you use a different gear ratio for the top wheels and bottom wheels of your shooter? What is the gear ratio?

Both are a 1:21 ratio, but the bottom wheels are high speed motors. So we get plenty of power and some back spin.

Stuka is an awesome little robot, really fast, and great implementation of the vertical flywheel. Just wondering, about how accurate is it? and can you store the 4 pre-loads in the feed?

Accuracy depends on battery strength. With a full battery I would say it’s about 90-95% accurate, but as the battery drains it loses accuracy. It can only hold three balls (barely) but we have plans to accommodate for that.

As for Bearcat…we’re working on some design modifications to simplify the intake system and increase shooter accuracy. We’re very limited on time due to being away at school so hopefully we can get it done.