club fundraiser (battle bots)

Our club was looking into new ways of fundraising. we wanted to do something diffrent from the typical restaurant nights and plain old asking for money. So we decided to do our version of battle bots. We where thinking about asking sounding engineering firms to be the teams. They would pay around 700 dollars that would buy a claw bot kit and some money to buy any standard vex parts. But we need some help we need rules such as how would we determine who wines and loses. Also what type of arena would it be played in. We cant wait to see what you brilliant people come up with.

Are you planning on using non vex parts? Because if not in my opinion it would be hard to “destroy” another robot.

we are no really thinking destroy for say but incapacitate but its still in the early stages of thinking

I’m already thinking of a Vex “Tombstone” robot using steel c-channels for the spinner. 4 Motors for wheels and 8 Motors for spinner at 1000rpm maybe? :stuck_out_tongue: Of course, that won’t be on the clawbot kit…

I think you can take the rules from the Battlebots episodes as a reference. 10s Countdown if robot doesn’t move. Max 3 mins of fighting then judge decision.

As for the arena, security is #1. Transparent shields covering the battleground would be the ideal thing but I’m not sure how would I do a low-cost version.

I would think that when tge robot becomes unresponsive, the other team wins. I would think that vexnet drop outs may become an issue. I would strongly look for alternative ways of fund raising. In the past, my team did bakesales.

Safety is the biggest issue to overcome. If you want the game to be safer but still some sort of combative situation, you might look at a robot sumo wrestling match. The object could be to either knock the other robot over or push it out of a specified area. In that case, you could just you a vex field. You could specify no high speed spinning parts. Those are some initial thoughts.

If someone gets hurt, it just will not be worth it.

Let me know if I can help. I am right down the road from you in Indy. Maybe we could even work together on the project. We have the facility if your school does not allow you to do it do to insurance concerns. Private message me if you want to collaborate or give me a call. I am the mentor for KIDS Inc.