Club / Organization Team Limit for Competitions

Cornerstone Robotics has multiple teams; 323B, 323C, 323G, 323X, 323Y, 323Z, and soon to be more. Will there be a limit on how many “323” teams can go to a single competition? I had heard talk about this and want to clear the air.

I believe that for the U.S. open, you are limited to 4 teams per club, to allow space. For State, I’m pretty sure the Illinois cap is 8, but Indiana might be different. For regional competition, I don’t believe there is any limit.

Some schools will limit this per event due to overall space. We have had some limitations with as we have 23 teams. By next year maybe we can run a 24 team event just by ourselves!

States should be 100% earned regardless of number from a single club. If you earned a spot, you should be able to go. I don’t see why there would be limitations there.

Special events like US Open are earned spots but there are far more invitations than available spots.

Event Partners are allowed to limit the number of teams that attend per “school” (really team number). While we did have at least one local event this year that limited teams and prevented all our teams from attending I don’t think that will be an issue this year. 323C and 323Y will be changing to a new team number (probably 3230) as Mr. Phillips’ teams continue to grow while still staying in the Cornerstone Robotics family of teams.

It depends on the event you are registering. Here in Georgia, most tournaments are without limits, because there aren’t a whole lot clubs/schools with huge number of teams, but there has been 4 or 6 team per club limit in previous tournaments.

I have also seen some Pennsylvania tournaments when I was checking out friend teams on VEX DB, and I remember tournaments with 7,8 teams per club.

So, I think it really depends on event organizer.

Vexmen (23 teams), Norristown (10 teams), and Haverford (11 teams) can fill pretty much fill any Southeastern PA event if we all sign up. It can be a problem for events as we all continue to grow.