Club Webpage

One of my team’s started a webpage recently. Take a look and give some feedback.

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Sorry… My bad… It has been a long day. it is .net

Good-looking website. I still need to update for this year… lol. I really like the hexagons on the team members page, but that’s probably just because I’m a sucker for hexagons. Anyway, if you add more substance it’ll look really good, but that just takes time. Great job!

Don’t forget to enter your team websites in the Dell Technologies Robotics Team/Club Website Challenge.

I have a couple of suggestions. On the Team Members page,you should change the background color because the VEX Logo is washed out by the gray background and on the home page, and the YouTube icon at the bottom of the page is hard to see with the white and gray colors. On the Home and Calendar page, the moving background is very distracting, I would suggest removing it, slowing it down or putting a solid color behind the text. On the Tutorials page, it appears there is nothing at all (I didn’t know if you were aware of that or not).

Like Mr. Tyler said, don’t forget to put it on the Dell Technologies Robotics Team/Club Website Challenge!

Aiden is with the V-Bots/C-Bots team that won the website challenge last year. I’d listen to Aiden. :slight_smile:

@n5vei If you need some more help with your website, let me know.

Dang you have twelve members on your team that is a lot. We only have three people.

To qualify for the Dell Club Website Challenge, your website has to be about your entire school’s program, not just your team.

You can find this under Eligibility and Requirements here.

I would recommend adding content (possibly a quick description, news, a blog etc.) onto your home page.

Curious if a site with a main homepage, then separate pages for each team would qualify for this. Like an organizational page then separate showcases/blogs/information/sites about each team

In the past, if the website includes information on all your teams, they do not all have to be on the same page. If you need an official answer, there is a Q&A forum here.

It is a nice yet clean website! I thoroughly enjoy it. It reminds me of our teams website, except yours has animations. Great Job!