Club Website Collaboration

Our organization has three robotics teams, and multiple members from multiple teams have contributed to the final website, is it legal for all contributing teams to submit the challenge, or is only one team allowed to submit? Additionally, if multiple teams are allowed to submit, how do judges pick between them?

For the Dell Technologies Robotics Team/Club Website Challenge, in the “Eligibility” section, it states:

  • There may only be one website entry per school/organization/club.
  • A website for a single team from a multi-team program will not meet the requirements of this challenge; it must be a website that includes all the teams from the school or club.

Therefore, only one entry is allowed per school/organization/club with a multi-team program. To clarify, only ONE team submits the final entry for a multi-team program; all contributing teams decide which one team will submit. Multiple entries from the same program will be disqualified.

Further, if the top prize is won by a multi-team program, it is up to that school/organization/club to decide which ONE team wins the qualification spot to VEX Worlds.

Thanks and Good Luck!