Club Website: Online Challenge

Hello everyone, I would like to ask for some feedback of my online challenge entry submission for the club website challenge. I have entered my club website which you can view here: I have been working on this website since last November, and last year this website won 3rd place. If any of you have any suggestions on how I can make my website better, I would sincerely appreciate it. Thank you!

Looks good overall

Regarding the main page:
Purple on gray in the drop down menus is a little hard to read
I like the NbN field background (where is that image from?) and the calendar and the pie charts (Hopefully you can get those stats up :slight_smile: )
There is a horizontal bar at the bottom of the main page where the background isn’t grayed
The content across from your contact info doesn’t want to load for me

Did you code this from scratch?
Good luck and beat the Cheesy Poofs!

Thanks! I have realized that the menus are hard to read but that is the theme throughout the site, so I don’t really want to change the font color. I will do my best to lighten it up without changing the color. The NBN background image is courtesy of Cody. What do you mean by “Hopefully you can get those stats up”? That horizontal bar at the bottom is just the way that it is, so I can’t fix that. That is weird that the content across the contact info doesn’t want to load(I have never had that problem before), I have been having problems though with lots of other features not loading on my website. I did not code this from scratch, I used a WIX website editor. (My HTML is not good enough to program this) I just have to deal with that. Thank you for your suggestions, I really appreciate it!!

EDIT: I just changed the menu bar so that it is way easier to see.

I was talking about the dark gray that drops down when you hover over “about” etc. That change is good too though (assuming I am identifying your change correctly I don’t exactly remember what it looked like now).

Oh that is Cody’s render; I guess I didn’t recognize it.

I was saying hopefully you win more matches in the future and improve your skills (read I wish you the best of luck in competition)

Well, I had fun moving the bar up and down so that I could see the detail in Cody’s render :slight_smile:

Ok, that makes more sense about the stats, I got confused. Yeah, our first competition wasn’t the best. Thanks for the feedback.

My friend is on 8931D! I’ve seen your website before and my favorite part is the circle graph of wins and losses.

WIX for the win!!

That’s cool! I like the graphs as well, I thought it would be a good addition.

@Highwayman this or this might be of interest to you.

FYI It’s extremely unlikely that I’ll be doing another render next year, for various boring reasons mostly involving the fact that the next 1.5 years are going to be hell for me academically. At least I’ll be done after that.

The site is decent. Little things like this drive me crazy…


And overall you’re not using light and dark colors well. The layout is good, and personally I would ditch my render. It’s distracting, but that’s me. Lighter colors on darker backgrounds and less boldly fonts with a cleaner background. Easy fixes if you’re willing.

Thanks for the feedback. I totally understand about not being able to do the renders anymore. Wix has a hard time formatting everything, and keeping it in line with everything else, (I am a neat freak, and everything has to be perfect for me) so I am always fixing it, but the Wix editor is always moving it around, even if I lock it in place. Hopefully it will stop moving. I changed the opacity of the background image, so that it is less visible and distracting.
So you’re saying that I should have lighter colors on darker backgrounds, or not have lighter colors on darker backgrounds? (Regarding the attached picture file) Do you mean something like this…?

(Also, Wix doesn’t provide a great choice of fonts, and this was the best option, and it only looked better when it was bolded, can’t do much about that) I really appreciate this feedback. Thanks!
dark and light.JPG

I don’t know a thing about Wix, never heard of it. I write real HTML / CSS and have done significant web work over the years.

Think of it this way…

The farther apart on the greyscale two colors are the easier they are to read (moar contrast). People prefer a light background with a dark (usually black) text. It’s what we’re used to with paper.

This was a very involved project that unfortunately failed, but you can see the iterations on my design here. In the end I went with a hybrid of darks and lights making up my own take on Google’s Material Design.

To be 100% clear, I believe proper constructive criticism is a really helpful tool, you’ve already made some nice changes that will ultimately help you do better in your goal (I assume you’re entering this in the website challenge).

The site looks better than most. Great work!

I sincerely do appreciate your constructive criticism, as well as everyone else’s!

Yes I have already entered it in the website challenge.

Thank you, I really do appreciate that. You do good work too (Love your field renderings btw).

Great website!

Thank you!

I have modified some of the color themes on my website. I have changed all of the yellow-colored words to a gold color instead of that bright flashy yellow. I have also changed the background of each page to a darker tone of grey so that it contrasts better with the colors and it is easier on the eyes. Let me know what you think. Thanks.