Clutch arm motor not working

I am using the Vex IQ clutch robot model. Whenever the automatic program tells it to raise its arm, it only raises partially and stops. It sometimes goes all the way up but rarely. On the programming, I set it moveMotor (armMotor, 315, degrees, 50); What is wrong? Please help.

P.S. sorry if I miss anything and for the bad robot language. This is my first few months in robotics.


Your’e new here so you get a pass but this should be in an IQ category, not “Website/Forum support”

We had the same problem with one of our robots. If you are using Vex IQ Blocks you need to add a set max torque to 100%.

If the kits are new, start with making sure all firmware is up to date. If that doesn’t fix it, post your code for others to help troubleshoot.

@Digitallo Are you using VEXcode IQ Blocks? Our team is using the Vex IQ Clutch model too. Once you add the arm motor to the program, you can just use the simple “spin” block and it should go all the way up/down without having to specify degrees.

Hi. Can you please explain this further? I followed the clutch bot build to exact instructions yet I cannot extend the arm all the way to the top. Any advice?

@mr1992 Can you please post your motor definition and code?

Thanks for the reply. Im a complete rookie…what are those and how can I find them ?

@mr1992 Are you using VEXcode IQ Blocks?

Yes I am. But I think he problem could be with the actual build. It doesn’t seem possible for the arm to move up any higher.

I got it fixed already. Thanks though!

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