Clutch robot falling apart

we are trying to build our robot but it keeps falling apart and when we try to help it it just keeps falling apart. Here are pictures of the robot when it is all together. 3BVIygX2Sby%25xck3p2GTNA MX8sPEZjR4Sto8Vu9mmttg nUfwzJwRR36C6Dwuud0Ltw BdtZWhEyQIeChFY3yRSjEQ

Is this an older kit? The connections that hold the wheelbase on the bot should be newier pieces. These parts are under a lot of stress and if you don’t get a good click they will keep coming off.

You can also use the rubber bands to help hold it together.



I’m going to guess that the corners don’t have both corner connectors in them.

Just as an FYI, the “hero bot” from any year (This year it’s clutch) are just the minimal robot to play. They are designed to be a jumping off point/starting point for construction. For example Clutch, like his two older sisters, has a severe wobble problem that can be mitigated with a longer wheelbase.

So this is a great time to say “Hey, how can we improve this build and make the design better”

It’s also a great time to introduce what’s wrong about cantilever drive trains (like you have in Clutch). It puts a lot of torque on the frame and it’s prone to twisting.

Good luck!