Clutch Vex Robot

Our school’s Vex Robotics team is having trouble with putting together a part of the robot. We can put it together but we have to bend a piece to get it to fit. (Steps 29 and forward) It is a Clutch robot. Any advice on fixing this, if it does need fixed?

u got pics of it that would help (btw clutch is the new flex/streach right)

Is this IQ or EDR? It’s labeled IQ but I don’t know if any IQ parts that can bend. I may just be stupid.

not actually bend i believe just not be straight

Clutch is a vex IQ robot

It is the IQ. Thank you for your help. We have a competition coming up and we just started.

As mentioned earlier, pictures would definitely help.

What piece(s) are you having to bend to fit correctly?

With no other knowledge, and based off your callout to step 29, my first guess would be to make sure that you’re correctly clocking the gears and that the pins are inserted correctly into it.