ppl say thair is a poping comeing frum the clutch but i do not here it is some thing rong? :confused:

the clutch is desgined to “pop” whenever too much stress is put on the driveshaft/axle. if you stick an axle in both ends of a clutch then a gear on each axle and turn them in the ooposite direction, the clutch should pop.

I also believe that when the clutch engages, it is pretty much destroyed in the process. Although I have yet to have one engage in any of my applications. Usually the square shaft hole in the clutch will wallow out or I will break a gear (12T) tooth first.

i did u sed but the clutch is not poping and i am wored that i am damaging my motor:(

cud the clutch be damagd? or the motor i do not want to buy a other motor …and see my other 2 motors are in ues so i can not risk mesing up my other 2 motor so wut do i do:(

i have never had a clucth pop on one of my robots either. it is not destroyed when it pops, it is made to do that. and cdover218, could you please try to watch your spelling? its a motor, not a moder.

oops sorry pacoliketaco i was looking wen i was spelling…any way like you sed my clutchs do not pop so are thay no good or wut?

well, it takes a lot of force to pop a clutch. like i said, it hasnt happened to me, and the pop isn’t loud at all, but it is noticeable. so i’d say your clutches are good.

i am starting to wonder if its beder to run a motor with out a clutch?. hmm i try’d it and seam to work beder becuz driveshaft dos not slip out so is it beder or not??. and allso my robot runs faster i think it’s no difrint then runing it with the clutch or with out the clutch.

DO NOT run a motor without a clutch. Instead of messing up a semi-cheap part, you will mess up a semi-expensive motor. The story of the internal gears getting messed up before the clutch “rounds out” I have found to be false in my case, I periodically check the internal gears in the motors and I have never found the internal gears messed up when the clutches go. I still say a little insert would do the trick to fix the rounding out clutch problem.

exactly what do you mean “insert”? also, i try to use clutches, but my designs just dont usually accomodate them so i dont use them. but i would suggest that other people try to use them.

[FONT=Times New Roman]These clutches are not designed to be forever forgiving. Initial engagement of the clutch may not prove to be totally destructive. But it is a destructive process. The clutches ability to transmit torque is derated each time the clutch engages. The plastic dogs within the clutch mechanism will round out much like the square shaft hole does on occasion. Take a look at the 2 photos of the clutch mechanism.[/FONT]
old-new clutch.jpg
exploded clutcha.jpg

see i do not ues mt clutchs becuz driveshaft slips out i have my vex for allmost a year and i run my motors with out the clutch and it works fine:rolleyes:

A metal lining inside of the plastic square hole so it will be more robust, in theory.

thats a good idea, especially becuase i am finding out that it doesn’t take much to round out any of the plastic axles opening, in the clutches or gears.

ive popped my cluches plenty of times and i haventhad any trouble with them they work fine :smiley:

well if robokid’s clutches pop why my clutches do not pop??? i am so:confused:

the “pop” isnt much. its barely audible. you can feel it more than hear it. i wouldnt worry about it too much.

i think vex can mack a beder clutch

I currently use 24 vex kits and constantly have clutch problems. The reason is that the gears shouldn’t be a higher ratio than “SquareBot.” If you do within a short period of time the clutch will round out before it actually fails internally. Someone said that this could be fixed with some sort of insert. If anyone comes up with a clutch to axle insert to get more use out of them before they actually roundout…please let me know. My personal opinion is that a metal casing should be used when they manufacture them…but something tells me that they would just start failing internally anyway. Any opinions:confused:

24 VEX KITS!!! wow. why do you have so many?