Is it just me, or do VEX clutches wear out? Couldn’t they make a better one?

if they made a beter one it would cost more and the motor wouldnt have as much protection because it woouldnt break when needed

The clutches must by design wear out. The point of clutches is to snap when an excessive load is placed on the motor, protecting the motor from the force. If the clutches were more durable then they wouldn’t snap when necessary.

If you have a scenario where you don’t fear an excessive load occurring, you can simply run the motor without any clutch and nothing will wear out.

The clutches do take a lot of force before the release though I think the design is sufficent for now but may need to be looked into in the future. There have been many threads about this topic before as blake will say look through previous threads before starting a new one. I have to say Blake is right take his advice.

Is it just me or is everyone tired of having someone ask this question once a month or so without first taking the time to see that is has been beaten to death many times already.

Use the Search feature of this site! It will save you (and us) from much wasted time and effort. There is a wealth of good information in this site’s archives!


I called that! Hes always right Blake has some very useful information one thing he is always consistant about USING THE SEARCH FEATURE.

If you don’t want to Search everything, start with the ** Official Vex Technical Support FAQs**.

It won’t take you more that 45 min to an hour to read most everything in there…

I heard that when a clutch pops the next time it will pop easier. So they do wear out over time.

I dont use clutches that much because i can always replace a striped gear.

You can also replace a clutch, touche.

yeah i heard john say that.