OK. All you FRC people out there have probably guessed what I’m thinking from the title. The camera already works with the VEX (though it’s a pain in the a** to program; believe me I have one :stuck_out_tongue: ) so my suggestion is to make one specifically for the VEX. Also, new blocks could be converted from the FRC EasyC for the VEX EasyC to make the camera easier to use. The VEX could also use its own gyros, accelerometers, IR rangefinders, potentiometers, etc.

What an excellent idea… :smiley:

I’ve had the CMU Cam working with the EDU bot, THe vex controller isn;t that different. You can use the serial io (not the programming port but the other one that is part of the IO). If you had the CMU camera working on the FRC robot porting it to the vex is pretty easy.