CMU Camera Questions

I recently found the CMU Camera online and realized how much you could do with it, it’s pretty amazing! I especially like the color tracking part. I am thinking of buying it but I have one major question before I spend 200 dollars. How hard is it to program in EasyC? I looked all around the internet but have not found much, only how to program it with other things like Labview and Mplab. Also, I looked in the VEX code section, but for some reason I can’t download any of those codes. So would it be worth it for a moderate programmer to buy? Or would it be over my head?



I’m not sure how hard it is to program, but you have to use EasyC Pro to program it. That’s why you couldn’t download any of the codes.

I was thinking about buying the CMU camera too because I though that it would be really neat to use, but it costs $200 for the camera and another $195 to upgrade to EasyC Pro. Basically, that’s $400 just to be able to use the camera which was a little too expensive for my budget.

I could buy a lot of parts for that amount of money - like all of the new accessories coming out this year - which I really want to get.

If you are really interested in learning a little more about all of this, you can go out to Intelitek’s website and download a 7 day trial copy of EasyC Pro. That’s what I did. It has a great tutorial on using the camera, plus you can download those codes so you can see what they look like.

After the 7 day trial is over you have to pay the $195 to upgrade from a previous version of EasyC to continue using it. But, atleast it would give you a chance to see if this is something that you really want to do.

Sorry for the long message - I hope it helps.

Yeah I downloaded the EasyC Pro 7 day trial, but I still couldn’t download the CMUcam codes. I can’t download any of the codes from the VEX codes section, so it probably has something to do with my computer.

About EasyC Pro, I think it is way better than EasyC Version 2. But $195 is kind of crazy! I thought I could just download the trial version and when it runs out uninstall it, and then re-install it. :slight_smile: Has anyone tried this, does it work? But you’re right $400 justto use a camera is pretty expensive.


Maybe this forum will help. The FRC controller is basically the same as the VEX controller, so code from it should work as long as ports are assigned correctly.

Also I would use MPLAB for this.

i have successfully used the CMU camera 2 on previous vex robots. i just took the one from my FRC team, as we never used it. though the second time i tried i couldnt get it to recognize anything, which could easily have been a wiring error. i found that once you can get it to return all of the values used for tracking, it isnt too hard to make an algorithim that uses them. but i am using EasyC Pro for this, as i was never too good with plain C.

I think I am going to give up on the CMU Camera for now. It is a little too expensive and I think I could get useful parts for the same amount of money. Also, I might get EasyC Pro. After the 7 day trial I think it is way better than Easy C Version 2. But if I buy Pro than I am stuck with version 2, unless someone wants to buy it?

i think it is just another version, in that you used your v2 license as well as buying a pro one. you will just have both programs on your computer. i think once you use the CD once, you cant use it on another computer again, so you cant sell it. at least that is what i think would happen…

Yeah I agree. But before I spend another $100+ on programming I would want to make sure some one would buy it. Otherwise I would spend $295 on prgramming alone! So would any one be interested in buying a used EasyC Version 2 software kit (no cables)? For about $45? Price is negotiable :slight_smile: PM if you are!