Coach preventing our team from entering handbook/journal

Usually rules like G1 apply mostly to students, but it doesnt seem in line with the REC COC. And bringing it up with judges at a competition wont do anything, they are volunteers with little experience often times. Bring this up with your REC rep for your region, either by just shooting them an email or maybe at a competition depending on if they are there. Hopefully things work for the best for you

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I liked GBR’s post. It sounds like she is trying to “lift all boats” not smashing you down. I’ve often gotten other teams notebooks that have won awards to show others what can be done. Being able to page through a well crafted notebook is often an inspiration to other teams. Maybe offering to send your lead scribes to other teams to help would be another way for you to help and inspire other teams.

@nitrospam I don’t think it’s a violation of the SCP. RECF is pretty clear on the judging rules that you can only win one judged award per event. All I see this as is an extension of that.

Lets take a different example. You seed first, you pick team 1234 and win the event, qualify for the States. Next event you are first seed again. Do you pick 1234 again? Or do you pick someone that hasn’t qualified yet to get them qualified? Lets say you pick 7890 and again you win, and they qualify. Yay you?? Does 1234 have a reason to be angry at you because you denied them a chance to win their second tournament? On the other hand, is 7890 inspired to work harder on their robot to now do well at States?

The program is about inspiring roboteers. You clearly have a stronger team, doing much better than others. What are YOU doing about inspiring other teams other roboteers? One of my favorite @Karthik sayings is “A rising tide floats all robots”. Be that rising tide and help others. Your coach is trying to do that by letting others have a crack at the awards.


They would have to care a lot about robotics to do that

I have to friends who did that

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Logan10622D and I split off, and work well together(diff teams). To explain, it’s expensive to go independent, so get that book in no matter what.

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I agree most of my parts are purchased by myself with the money i earn from my job

Hey there, I’m really sorry to hear about all this. Don’t worry, it’s not all that rare for this to happen, but it’s also not an ideal situation.

At my school, we’ve had a lot of decent notebooks, oftentimes leading to one or two teams scraping up many of the design awards in our region every year. However, this can also be difficult for us as it tends to lead to the same few teams constantly overshadowing other teams from our organization with equally decent notebooks, making it difficult for those teams to qualify unless the other teams simply don’t show up to a competition or do not turn in their notebook.

Personally, our coach has never refused a student from turning in their notebook no matter if it is excellent and has won multiple awards or if it is still lacking something and has won no awards. There have been situations where students have decided to cut back on their quality for a competition or two in an effort to give the other teams room to shine, but this was always by the student’s wishes and were decided on without coach intervention. However, I discourage this as the quality reflects during your later competitions.

Another method that our school has used to combat this is by having different teams attend different competitions so that you’re not overshadowing them and everyone can get out happy. Try to look for competitions that you could go to by yourself or with an equally strong notebook from your school, and have the developing ones go to a different competition. You’ll still be paying relatively the same amount if you pick similarly-priced competitions and if you can work it out, your team can still be recognized at your competitions while the other teams can qualify at theirs.

In general, I believe that you should still be turning in your notebook or go to a different competition. There’s no reason to be doing all that work just for it to not make it onto a judges table. I hope this can get worked out and sincerely hope this helped. Good luck!


I already mentioned what we have done and offered to do to try to help the other teams.
“We offered to help the other teams and give them ideas for their handbook. We even said we would skip a couple practices to help the other teams improve their bots. We just don’t want to be completely copied or eliminated from even trying to compete.” We also left our handbook out at a practice so the other teams could study it.
This isn’t about us not being willing to help. It’s about someone trying to be unethical. And we were never even asked if we would be willing to not enter our handbook. It’s just something she decided without even asking us our opinion or letting it be our decision. I’m not sure what we would do if she gave us the option. I like to think that if she had a good argument for it we might consider it. I guess that makes us mad too that she wasn’t willing to talk to us about it first.

OK, having read your other posts again and the section quoted above, I agree. She should have talked it over with everyone to see what the thoughts were and how to proceed.

Only piece of advice to give is to have your team think about what you would do “if she had a good argument for it” and decide what you would do in that case. Then go back and make a second pass of "If we consider you have a great reason to do this we would like to do … " and see where that goes. She might even tell you the reason.

Good luck!


How do I find out who the Rec rep is for our region?

Ask around the head refs and coaches(or I think it’s on if not, check around.

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See this map.

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I know this is a late response but excuse me what? Winning one award an event has nothing to do with it. The entirety of this situation is a teacher trying to meet quotas by suffocating the success of one of her teams. This is a violation of the SCP, she, an adultt, is preventing her competitors, students, from submitting a Journal, one of the key parts of VRC

Ok, this does sound unethical but this is not the part of the situation where I believe the G1 violation exists.

However, this part of the situation appears to be in direct conflict with the RECF’s Student-Centered Policy and G1

The aforementioned situation appears to be most consistent with "adult guidance that is not aligned with the REC Foundation student-centered policy and may be considered a violation of the Code of Conduct."


I also believe that this situation violates these 2 statutes of the Code of Conduct

- Follow all rules as listed in the current game manual(s)
- I believe that the conduct violates G1
- Student-centered teams with limited adult assistance
- The conduct violates student-centered policy

These violations may result in season DQ’s for one or more of your teams

Based on these violations I outlined, I believe that you should have a conversation with your coach about the severity of these violations and their consequences. Based on the outcome of that you should consider contacting your Regional Support Manager and explaining this situation a finding a possible solution.



So we decided to write our coach a letter, because she just gets mad and yells at anyone that disagrees with her. We explained why it is unfair and possibly violating some rules. We quoted a couple things from the Code of Conduct. I think she was surprised that we had looked into it. I think she was hoping we would just be mad but give up and go along with whatever she said. After she read it she said she would “allow” us to enter our handbook. Then she just went off on us about how we aren’t good enough to win at state anyway. Not saying we are good enough, it just shows what she’s like. She is mad that we stood up to her so now she’s going to discourage us.
Thanks everyone for the input. I did talk to our rep and he said to contact him if anything else like this happens.


Ima be blunt, ur robotics coach seems like a horrible person.

Even when I was on my old group of teams and 4 out of 5 of us got to states purely through luck, our coaches didn’t say anything like that. Please don’t listen to anything she has to say, I’m sure you’ll do great at states and I’d love to see u win. I’m usually not the kind of person who gets mad at things like that but jeez that rly gets on my nerves

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