I’m not sure if this should go in this section of the forums or not…but if you only have 1 driver, are you allowed to have two coaches. Only one of them would perform the coach specific tasks, such as reposition the robot or introduce game objects, but the other would be there to provide extra guidance for the driver.

The Sack Attack Q&A is up but you can’t post threads in it yet? Not sure. For an unofficial answer, I’m pretty sure if you have 1 driver you’re allowed to have 2 coaches. There have been lots of Q&A’s about this already I believe.

One of the second coaches would technically be a second driver, but yes, you can have two people giving guidance if there is only one joystick.
The coach or the drivers can introduce match loads and reposition the robot in autonomous, and only a driver can touch the joysticks.

Assuming Sack Attack’s rules will be treated the same as Gateway’s when it comes to drivers/coaches (which I can’t see why they wouldn’t be), you can have up to two joysticks and up to two drivers. There is no rule saying that the number of joysticks must equal the number of drivers. All year, our teams have essentially had one driver and two coaches each, and they had no problem with it at worlds.

We did this in the finals at Worlds and got away with it, so if it’s illegal then it certainly isn’t enforced (it’s not illegal). Your second coach just needs to wear a driver badge instead of a coach one, because technically they’re a driver according to the rules.

As dontworryaboutit said, this isn’t true and drivers can do these things to. They aren’t “coach specific”.