Coast or Brake for Flywheel

Hello forumer… hope everyone is having a good night…

I was just working on my flywheel and I was wondering which stopping mode would be better? I know that brake could possibly break the motor, but I just want y’all’s opinion.


Coast is what we use, and it works pretty well. The only downside is it may take a few seconds to stop, depending on gear ratios and your cartridge. Also, if you’re playing mostly offensive, you wouldn’t really need to turn that motor off until you’ve launched everything you planned on launching. For that reason, I don’t see a real benefit of break. Also, as you stated, break would run the risk of breaking the motor. Therefore, in my opinion, coast is better for these reasons.


we use coast because our flywheel is heavy and we don’t want to break the motor, I would suggest coast wither way to reduce stress on the motor


Thanks for the answers! Will definitely use coast now.

Are you commanding the motor in a way it would ever actually use the brake mode?

Personally, I would encourage coast to limit motor stress as well as overheating, but if you need it to slow down quickly (such as when changing range) then I would add a ratchet and slowly increase the friction it has until it’s where you deem best. Mostly my team idles our flywheel (around 20% of max speed) and doesn’t worry about speeding up and slowing down times. They’re not that bad after you start chucking big yellow foam brake blocks through your flywheel.


No, I’m not. I was just asking to see if there was a benefit for using either.

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