Coaxial swerve CAD

so i’ve been working on this for a few days. it uses two motors to turn and four to drive. all sprockets connected with chains. i also had some fun with motion constraints, turning any of the motor gears will turn everything else that it would in real life in the actual ratio. i just though this would be a fun thing to build. ill start building it sometime soon.
(635 parts!)

cool but i have a feeling you might want to use something different than the bendy bars for the swerve modules :wink: perhaps some bent into shape 25x5 plates

yeah, i thought about that strength of those pieces, but i decided that ill just try it with them to start. if i need to i can change them out later

I’d just like to point out before you start building that you may run into an extremely large problem. The shaft driving shaft that runs down to the bevel gears is the only part supporting the wheel, bearings, metal bar, and gear for the modules. Since you need a whole in the gear on that module, the module will wiggle like crazy and apply side loads to the driving shaft, causing immobility. The big problem here is the modules need to be supported by more than just the shaft (especially the driving shaft). You may also find that the c-channel may twist (but this is trivial… I haven’t messed around with c-channel at all).

Just thought I’d give you a heads up before you start buying parts or irreversibly hacking them. Good luck on the project!