Code Chooser in LCD folder?

I got a piece of info about the code chooser in the lcd folder. Can someone tell me where that is? I don’t know where to look for it.

In ROBOTC, go to the File menu, then find “open sample program”. That should open up the sample program dialog and show all sample programs for the cortex (assuming you have selected that as the platform rather than VexIQ). Then look for the LCD folder, click on that, inside you will find “Code Chooser.c”. Make sure you either cut and paste into a new program or save in a different location if you change it.

okay, thank you so much. I also have another question. What is the backlight on the LCD? It comes up in a few programs and I’m not sure if I need that piece of info for displaying battery voltage on the LCD

The backlight makes it easier to see the screen; it is under the screen. you toggle it with

//backlight = on
bLCDbacklight = true

//backlight = off
bLCDbacklight = false 

This is the lcd with the backlight on.

that’s great! Thank you for your help!!! I really appreciate it.