Code for the Robotic Arm

I have recently built the robotic arm according to the build guide. Part of the build was to place a bump sensor behind the arm to prevent it from pulling itself apart at the base(I assume). Does anyone know if Vex has code for the arm posted somewhere? I can probably write it with a little work, but was not going to reinvent the wheel(or arm) if I didn’t need to.


Can you be a little more specific what you are working with? Is this for the Work Cell system?

This is the VEX IQ Robot ARM


Not sure I see a bumper switch. Perhaps a few more pix?

There is a bumper switch in front of the brain.

After digging around on the site today,I found the code examples in Vexcode IQ, but the robotic arm is not there. So I think the code doesn’t exist or is no longer posted.

I am just going to write it myself. Thanks.

Looks like this is a pretty old build (2014). There is a setup instruction at the end to operate the control in 2 joystick mode. This is as close as you will get to a pre-built code for this arm.

I would recommend making a new code yourself and exploring when and why the bumpers get mechanically pressed and what you want the robot to do in those positions.