Code Gone Please Help ASAP

Ok so, I was coding and my computer shut down to update. For some reason, after I opened it up again, all my code was gone and replaced with empty lines and 1 dot. It was just line 1 and a bunch of dots. Is there anyway to load an old version of the code again.

Also, the code is still on the robot so is there a way where i can upload back the code from the robot onto the computer?

Thanks and please reply ASAP

  1. This happened to me 3 times in a row at a competition to the main code and the other two backups
  2. I have never found a solution for this within PROS
  3. I switched to VEXCode for this exact reason

Are you able to install VEXCode at the moment? I can help you with creating a code for your robot if you need to.


i can switch to vex code but is there an easier way where i can like uncorrupt these files or reboot them back. because that would help a lot and it would be easier to access.

No, I really wish there was but the only true way in PROS is to constantly make project backups. And for me even that was still a problem despite having multiple backups.

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so you can’t like just go through like some kinds of history on the computer and pull out like an edit in that file?

@markmark I am just a public user on the forum, and I don’t want to give an answer that may be false. I believe I found the person for PROS support.
@Eden Sorry to ping you, unsure if this is urgent or not but the question above is out of my knowledge. I don’t want to speculate to conclusions.

unless you use git or github in PROS, I do not know there is easy way to restore.

Use Git. You do not need to use GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket, but doing so will obviously provide even more redundancy for your backups.

If you believe this issue was caused by the PROS Editor, then simply do not use the PROS Editor. That is part of the beauty of PROS — you can use anything from the most sophisticated IDEs to the most basic text editors without being forced to give up integration. I personally greatly dislike and never use Atom (the PROS Editor is nothing more than re-skinned Atom with a few extensions preinstalled), and I have never experienced or heard of an issue like this with any other text editor/IDE I have used.

If you think the issue lies with the PROS CLI (which I highly doubt), then that is a different conversation entirely. But it is important not to label issues as a generic “PROS issue” when in reality the problem could lie with the highly optional PROS Editor or an essential component like the CLI or API.

As for restoration of the corrupted files, assuming (like me) you suspect the PROS Editor to be the problem, your solution (if one exists) will have nothing to do with PROS specifically, but rather the Atom text editor and/or the capabilities of your file system. I recommend searching the internet for a similar issue with Atom as opposed to with PROS, because you will be far more likely to find a recovery (or mitigation) solution by doing so.


I’m told by @Battlesquid that “this happened to [him] too back when [he] used [A]tom” but he always pushed his code with Git so it never became a problem. (He uses VScode now.)


Have you checked %USERPROFILE%\.atom\recovery ?
It seems that this is a fairly common problem (as seen by this massive thread on the atom forums). I would avoid using atom in the future. Also use a version control system like git and sync it to the cloud in some way so that you won’t lose data if your laptop is stolen/lost.