Code help for pressed command

I do not understand what the message is trying to say or how to fix it.

You have to use the .pressing command instead of .pressed.

pressing returns whether the button is pressed or not.

pressed sets up a callback for a function to run if the button is pressed, which is very confusing and quite unhelpful.

VCS has terribly named these functions and does not have a helpful API.

Consider using RMS.

I had that in the program at first but the lift was really slow at moving down. Is there a way to increase the speed that it lowers at?

You need to give it a proper speed, such as 200rpm.

If I have changed it it pressing how and where do I change the speed?

Your if statement properly executes the motor commands when the button is pressed. Therefore, there is no need to put the pressing command inside the motor command. Instead, put the speed there.

It’s the second item in the motor.spin function. Erase Controller1.ButtonR1.pressing() (and R2) and type something like 100.