code help

i am using easyc and i was wondering if i could make a program that you push a button on the transmiter and then the robot run an autotomis program

Try a search of the Vexforum for “autonomous program”…

I would look at a recent thread, Vex CMUCam robot for some ideas, plus **Using Easy C 2.X or Mplab to write a program of default code?
** (including a link to Switching autonomous mode) and Autonomous and OperatorControl Function Questions.

This is completely untested, and I just thought it through in a few seconds, but this could possibly be a way to do what you want.

      if ( GetRxInput ( 1, 1 ) ) //first 1- Rx (1 or 2) second 1-channel (1-6)
            AUTO MODE HERE

that might help i will have to try it tomorrow

the robot i am building is going to be a robot that sits on a charger all the time holding the tv remote then when i turn on the transmiter and push a sertian button if will come to a specific place in the living room