Code in revolutions

I am currently coding in milliseconds for my autonomous and it is very inconsistent. Is there a better way to code my autonomous? Can someone give me some tips?

Assuming you are using V5 and vexcode text… Open example files that have names related to motion and sensing. Look at this forum for content related to the drivetrain class. Right click on the motor class and go to definition to look at methods like rotateFor or rotateTo. Right click on the drivetrain class and do the same to see methods related to driving for a distance or turning for a number of degrees. (The other software/IDE options likely have similar avenues of discovery, I just haven’t used them.)

The V5 motors are packed with sensors that will tell you about all kinds of stuff that is happening to each motor. You understand this, because you are asking, but time-based autonomous is a really bad choice given the capabilities of the tools you have in hand. It’s like going to the grocery store in a car built to drag race.


And trying to figure out whether or not you’re there by looking at how long you’ve been traveling

Try using degrees instead of time.

For example


this would move your robot forward for half a turn of your wheel.

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