Code in "Unbound" Notebooks

This question is based off of this Q&A by @TriDragon. My question is based off of the same rule/guideline from his post:
“Pages should be numbered and entries should be dated in chronological order with each page signed or initialed by the students. Additional materials such as computer code or CAD drawings should be glued or taped into the notebook.”

If code is required to be glued into the notebook, is this requirement of being glued only for bound notebooks? If a team chooses to do a completely printed notebook, does the code still have to be glued in? Also, just to clarify about the 3 point bonus, if a team chooses to do a completely printed notebook, would they lose anything else other than the 3 point bonus?

Thank you,
The Electrobotz

Please refer to the answer in this post regarding code in design notebooks.

The team will not be eligible for the bonus, the rest of the rubric is used at it always has been. Teams should remember that judges are instructed to use qualitative judgement in all final decisions. Quantitative tools, such as the rubric in question, are used by judges to narrow down the field of teams they are considering for awards.