Code isn't running on robot

I’ve recently been working on some coding for the new game, and I can’t figure out why my code won’t run on the robot . I’ve encountered a memory permission error. However, it went away once I disabled all the autonomous code so it’s something with the code. After not being able to fix the autonomous, I went on to try to get the driver code working. When I go into driver control, the driver code won’t run. The robot doesn’t respond in any way to my controller input. Nothing is wrong with the physical robot itself since I tested it on the built-in Clawbot code. Please help me on the memory permission error and unresponsive driver control.

My code is probably very scuffed because I taught myself how to code so please forgive me.

Code: (18.8 KB)

Can you upload an example project to the brain and execute it? This is a good first step to figure out if your code is the culprit. If this is a persisting problem, contact vex v5 support.

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I believe I’ve uploaded an example project to the brain and executed it with the same result. I’ll try it again just to be sure. I believe that it’s either a faulty brain or bad code. The built in program works fine but previously working code from tower takeover years don’t work either.