Code Length?

Just wondering but how long are everyone’s code lengths?

Mine is probably an average length. Its 545 lines long!
(I am using VEXcode V5 Text)

People should post there lengths here.

In “THE PARADIGM” which is a ROBLOX game I am working on, it currently has somewhere between 3000-5000 lines of code so far after 1-2 weeks of scripting it, and yet it’s still the game is not yet playable ;w;

In my robot code last season, the robot contained 750 lines of code for the cap bot and 1000 lines of code for the ball bot, roughly (I dont know the absolute number since I reset my laptop).

On another note, as you become more and more experienced your code length should decrease since you know more efficient means, theoretically, but instead I decide to add more code to make it more complex. Lines of code can show some amount of effort on a glance, but in reality you can have an inexperienced person solve a problem with 50 lines of code while an experienced person can solve a problem in a mere 4-5 lines. This is a general flaw of coding, but I mean sometimes flexing the amount of lines you do is quite fun and it feels rewarding as “hey, look how much I did!”

Coding reminds me a lot about writing an essay. A novice person who can describe something in 3 sentences can be beat by an expert writer who can describe something with a single sophisticated word. This is also why it makes me feel errie when I get told “write an essay with x amount of words,” because it’ll be easy for the average student, but hard for a student who has a lot of intellectual knowledge of writing.



My code is running on 1400 lines right now. And that is only auton. No I am not using wait times.

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Vexu or vrc? Also what Is in that? 1400 seems excessive lol

Not if he’s using things like odometry and 2d motion profiling. Programs can get extremely long when you add more complex control algorithms. Also, he could have made a UI on the brain to select autons and/or display values or positions on the brain to help debug auton.


So I went back and looked up the code from the last few seasons for a couple teams. This is what I found:

Lines Game API When
1242 NBN RobotC Worlds
1466 ST RobotC State
884 ITZ RobotC Initial
1177 ITZ PROS Midseason
2863 ITZ PROS Worlds
3075 TP PROS Worlds w/ comments
2127 TP PROS Worlds w/o comments

My competition files are usually some where in the 500 range. although I do have a test file with a couple thousand lines and a couple header and source files.

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Lol my initial lift bot is looking at around 3-5 thousand lines of code due to controls and functions. We started the other week on our tray bot, everything seems to be working (lol got compression perfect in 1 day) but its simpler so I’m looking at 500 lines before auton.

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You should get some functions my guy, unless your including then in auton, and not just including the auton section of the code

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Pretty sure 5225a itz was abt 7k

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250 lines, 200 ish lines of actual code, the rest is comments

So whats the maximum length?

Pretty sure that’s based on how much the brain can process. For example, google uses 2 billion lines of code but that’s because of their insane hardware. Any normal v5 brain couldn’t handle that

Length of your code?

  • Less than 500
  • 500-599
  • 600-699
  • 700-799
  • 800-899
  • 900-999
  • 1000-1099
  • 1100-1199
  • 1200-1299
  • 1300-1399
  • 1400-1499
  • More than 1500

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There is no maximum