Code not compatible between versions of VEXcode V5

(I posted this question in slightly different form under Programming Support: Previous version of Vex Code blocks available? - #13 by vexatious

My students’ laptops are running VEXcode V5 2.2.1-295. When I write sample code using 2.3.0-113 (released not much later) and try to run it on one of their machines, we get the error message "The project you are trying to open was saved with a newer version of the application. Please update your application to open this file.”

@jpearman said in that thread that code should be backwards/forwards compatible, and I’d think so too. But this is what we’re experiencing.

It’s not feasible to update the students’ laptops with each rev; they’re locked down and must be manually updated individually by a single IT tech from the school district. (I know, not an ideal system, but it is what it is.)

Is there some way I can backdate my installation to match theirs?

Thank you.

Yea, I was wrong on that point. VEXcode V5 Pro will let you open older or newer projects, but not VEXcode V5 (or IQ or EXP)

The team is looking into this, we may have to make older versions available but often the newer version has an updated SDK which is required for bug fixes etc.


OK, thanks for the update!