Code not running v5 blocks

Hello! I’m part of a second year VEX VRC team and recently we’ve been unable to get any code to run on our robot. The codes we’ve been using were built using V5 blocks, first on a macbook and then on a PC running windows 10. We’ve been having this issue for quite a while and after scouring the depths of the VEX forum I have decided to finally just ask for help.

We initially believed this to be an issue with our code itself, but after talking with a more experienced programmer from another team in our organization, we couldn’t see any reason the code itself would not function.

From here we assumed it must be an issue with the cortex. Our initial theory was that the ports we were using had been blown, but switching the ports did nothing to mitigate the issue. Additionally, we checked the wiring on the cortex and the cortex recognized all of our devices as being connected.

I read about someone having a similar issue that ended up being a firmware issue, however I have been unable to find a fix. I’d be happy to answer any questions regarding our code or the systems we use.

Is the code connected to the brain?

Yes, we tried downloading the code both directly to the brain and downloading it though the controller.

can you post a picture of the code?

It might be a faulty brain. If you have an extra brain you can use try plugging in a motor and coding that motor to see if it is a problem with the brain.


Are you just clicking the drive button on the brain or are you going to programs which is right next to drive.

Just as a clarification note, the Cortex is an older model of Vex brain.

A Vex Cortex brain:

From your descriptions, the thread category, and code you are using, you are probably using the V5, which is the newer, black and red stylized version.

A V5 brain:


We are going to programs and selecting our program

ok so it’s not a problem with the brain. In V5 code right next to download when the controller is plugged in is the brain picture green if it is that means it’s connected if it’s orange then it’s not connected. We may need to summon @jpearman to help since I’m not as experienced nor qualified as he is.

I’ve been coding for a very long time and have come across something like this several times before. The main cause of code just not working (And I use V5 Pro with expert robot config - this happens to me all the time-) is a extremely minuscule syntax error that takes you a week to find. But I am confused, because you are using blocks, so there shouldn’t be any syntax errors. From your post, it seems that you have done a very good job of checking everything, so the main cause of the error is most likely an obscure glitch or firmware issue. Make sure everything on the battery brain, controller, and radio is up to date. I’ve never had an issue with software being on different updates, but some things might go bonkers if they are on different software.

Also, make sure the motors work. I’ve had 3 faulty motors before, and it sucks. To test them, make a simple code that simply spins one motor. If the motor doesn’t spin, you need a new one. Another way to test the motor is to make your brain print a text on the screen at the start of your program. This is probably the better way to go, because if the text appears, then your code is working and its a wire broken or a motor issue, and if the text does not appear… well, then you have a programming issue on your hands. My last bit of advice if none of this works is to make sure you have your code in competition format, and then plug in a competition switch and set it to drive, and try to start the program through the controller instead of the brain. They do the same thing, but in my experience, doing it through the controller will make it less glitchy.

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