Code Problem, Help needed!!!

Please help me fix my code, I have a one week deadline. I am desperate, please help.

My Objective:
My code is to count buttons presses and display it on an Vex LCD screen with different values displayed on multiple slides (cases) on the LCD Screen.

My Problem:
My code only counts when the center button is pressed because it stuck on looping the interface part of the code which doesn’t allow the button counts to add unless the center button on the LCD SCREEN is pressed which i DON’T want. I need a way to integrate both the counting part and the display without the interference. If you could solve this problem i would be so delighted. Thank you for whom ever may be reading.
SkillsUSA R10 (1.57 KB)

Lookup tasking in RobotC. There’s a crapton of posts here on the subject.

So you have seperate displays to show values and you want it to still count when you are on a different display?