Code problems-claw tilt

We are aware of the fact that there is to 127% but we don’t feel like chaging it. We are also confused by the if statement inside the else statement.

Your wish has been granted and we have forgiven you.

On another note, Congratulations on winning the Excellence award. The robot events robot let me see all your achievements. Like, getting tournament finalist twice.

Thank you very much, we have also noticed that you happen to be Russelville robotics and we are very thankful for your help. We plan on seeing you at state and the U.S. Open. We would also like to take this chance to congratulate you on your achievements with Excellence award, tournament champions, tournament finalist, skills champions, design award, and build award. We recognize that you are a very successful team and wish you well.

I remember competing against you. 8613X was it?

Yes, we are team 8613X, also known as Lady Legends with our robot Confused.

We actually have a modified 4 bar lift and it’s designed to reach the towers, what we are trying to do is code our claw tilt to move with our lift so that the claw can be level with all towers, we explored the idea of making a 6 bar lift and decided it wasn’t a good idea because of the way we have designed our claw. Is there any way we could program it to move the way we want it too?