code release of the vexu in the zone

so the vexu competition of this year is ended, I am the programmer of XJTU1 which got excellent award this year. I took part in several big events in China and improved a lot from those experience. I really enjoy this game but I probably won’t take part in next year’s competition. I’d like to share my code for the vexu competition cause I learned a lot from vex forum, like pid, linear control of motor, kalman filter. My code is not perfect, I just want to share it, happy to talk, discuss with you guys.
4-26.rar (27.5 KB)

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Wow! Thanks for sharing. Congradulations at all the success at worlds you guys were awesome. I’ll be taking a look at this for sure seeing as how good your autons were.

Part of excellence is also keeping a great engineering notebook, would you also mind sharing how you guys documented your design process? I think it would be a great thing for the vex community to learn from!

not everyone in the team is willing to share, i can only say that my understanding of a engineering notebook is that it should help us to form a habit to keep a record of what you have done, cause it will help you a lot when problems occurs and improve the design of you robot day by day. For example, when tuning parameters (kp, ki, kd…) ,there is some ways or method to help you tune these parameters, but if you datalog it, save the image, just sort out these images and make a doucument, this document will help you when you have to retune these parameters for the same part or other part of the robot. As i mentioned above, our team took part in several big vex competitions in China, our robot have been changed many times. We just kept a record about the process of these improvement we made. i think the review judges may want to see the process of how you build your robot, improve your robot, and even some failed try you make which may be beneficial to you.