and controller

It is great that there is a browser based option to program physical robots with V5 brains. However we have not been able to figure out connecting to the brain through the controller like we can with the computer-based app. Are we missing something? Will this functionality be added?
Having to tether to the brain for each program change slows down the development process, so we would have to stick to the App.
Thanks in advance for any guidance.

Not yet supported, will be coming in a future update for IQ Gen 2 / EXP / V5. The app is the more seamless choice, however not always an option for some users - hence the web version’s availability.

Thanks for letting me know. Yes, I see the benefits of the web version. I always have to fight with IT to install the App on student computers. I will now at least be able to used the browser as a stop-gap, but looking forward to the full functionality coming to the web version.