Coding 2 V5 controlers to one Robot

Hi, I am from 1930A and we are trying to figure out the coding with two remotes. I don’t know how exactly to do it if it’s just regular and switching out the controller names or if I have to do something else? Can someone help me?

If you are using Vex C++, it should be as simple as dragging and renaming another controller in the Robot tab, and then using the name before any other functions.

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thank you so much! this helps alot

you would have your normal controller defined as
vex::controller Main = vex::controller();
then below that you would add another line to define the partner as
vex::controller Partner = vex::controller(vex::controllerType::partner);
you now would code things normally. items run by joystick one would have Main in the front and joystick two would have Partner
ie Main.Axis1.value(); and Partner.Axis1.value();
to actually use the two controllers together you will need to pair the main controller to the brain and then connect the two controllers together using a v5 smart cable, the same type as the motors.

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