Coding 6 wheels on 4 motors

Hello, I’m on a Robotics VEX V5 team and were struggling with making a whole new autonomous for our bot. Our main Builder wants to make a whole new robot that has 6 wheels and 4 motor drive train. I am the main coder of our 3-person team so its very hard to get ideas off others in my class, because were the only team that actually tries. So can anybody help me figure out how to code this, also I do not code in blocks right now its C plus. Any Advice?


The only thing that affects how you control the drivetrain with code is the number of motors and what they are doing. Because of this the programming is exactly the same as a 4-motor 4-wheel drivetrain, and you can see an example of this by looking at the examples in VexCode.

Unless you are adding more motors to your drivetrain, there is no difference in code since you are coding the motors to move not the wheels, the wheels only move as a result of the motors moving. So just code it like how you were before and you should be fine since you are coding the same electronics (motors)

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In case your builder wanted to add another two motors to the drive train which would give it more speed and torque, please see the form post below. It has some code you could add to the config file that I think would help. If you need any assistance interpreting what they have down or why it works, please feel free to ask :slight_smile:. Have a fantastic night!



All of the VexCode programming software versions have 2 and 4 motor drivetrains build into the configuration. It makes it very easy to program autonomous code. They also have sample code to help get you started.

I love posting in the form so much that I forgot to attach the form post. I think its time for me to get some sleep hahaha.

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