Coding For Castle Crasher Vex IQ

Hello everyone, I work for a company that teaches STEAM using Vex IQ in Indonesia. My students are currently learning Castle Crasher lessons. My students had a lot of trouble coming up with the right program for the Castle Crasher competition, and so did I. Can I request the correct Block Coding program for the Castle Crasher competition? Or if there is a Python program?. I’m sorry my English is a little bad, and I use Google Translate. Thank You.

Since all VEX IQ robot can be different, it’s difficult to give example solutions as they may not work on all robot models / setup.

I would encourage you to join the PD+ community (which is now free for certified users) to be able to engage with other educators teaching this lab to collaborate on how to best implement this in your classroom.

Another option would be to look at the example solutions for the VEXcode VR Castle Crash activity - this can be found in the VEXcode VR Teacher Portal - The VR version is a similar challenge to the VEX IQ version, but features a fixed robot / environment so providing reliable / repeatable examples is easier.